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News and Announcements

Neuwirth Cheerleading Team

Would like to introduce our first Neuwirth Cheerleading Team. Our team is excited to be part of our school spirit. Come out and support our team with fundraising/sports events. For further qustions feel free to contact Coach Ruby Vergara
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August Student Of The Month

On September 27, 2016 we celebrated Student Of The Month. Each teachers will select a student every Month to recognize in different academic areas. We want to thank our special guest Mary Silva from Home Office, and Cynthia Morales (Field Deputy For Congresswoman).Great Job Neuwirth Boxers!
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Step Up! Mentoring Program at Neuwirth

Step Up creates and implements impactful after-school programs that are open to all girls enrolled in one of our Step Up partner high schools. We bring our programming, designed to empower teens to become confident, college-bound and career-focused to each campus one or two days a week for a two-hour session.
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College Classes offered at Neuwirth for the first time ever!!!

The college classes listed in the picture when you (click on the subject line) are what we are offering to our students at Neuwirth on Wednesdays after school. During school, we also offer two other college readiness courses that are also new. Math Quantitative Reasoning with statistics in which we have a professor from Cal State LA on campus three times per week. The other class is a Leadership elective partnered with Male Success Alliance from Cal State Dominguez Hills which prepares our students for many different opportunities by analyzing data across multiple platforms dealing with college readiness. This is just some of the initial groundwork as we continue to rev up the quality of education we provided our students at Neuwirth by using data to drive our success. Big Kudos to all Neuwirth Stakeholders!!!
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Dear Neuwirth Parents,
Alliance schools are committed to working with parents as our partners in providing a
high quality powerful learning experience for all students. While we look at test results
and grades to measure our academic progress, we also measure our success by
getting feedback from our parents on how we’re doing each year through our Annual
Parent Satisfaction Survey at each school.
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Estimados Padres de Neuwirth
Las escuelas Alliance se comprometen a trabajar con los padres como colaboradores para
brindar una sólida experiencia educativa de alta calidad para todos los alumnos. Aunque
examinamos los resultados de examenes y las calificaciones para medir el progreso
académico, también analizamos nuestro éxito por medio de las opiniones y comentarios en la
Encuesta Anual de Satisfaction para Padres.

Las preguntas de la encuesta son compromisos que las escuelas Alliance asumen con las
comunidades a las que servimos. Sus respuestas nos ayudarán a comprender las experiencias
y puntos de vista de los padres en las áreas que funcionan bien y en áreas que se pueden
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Tdap Immunization Info

New law requires Pertussis (Tdap) shot to attend school for all 7-12th grade students / Nueva Ley requiere la vacuna de refuerzo contra la Tos Ferina antes de entrar a la escuela en este otoño, para todos los estudiantes del 7mo al 12avo
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Counselor of the Year!

The Boxer Family is very proud to announce Alliance's Counselor of the Year is our very own...Ms. Recinos!

Please Click here to read her story!

La Familia Boxer esta muy Orgullosa en anunciar a el Cosnsejero del año dentro de las Escuelas Alliance . La Señorita, Ms Recinos.
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School Bus Service Update

We have received a directive from Alliance Home Office that, per Howard Lappin, our Chief of Schools, we will no longer be offering any school bus service after June 10, 2016. Once again, we will no longer be offering any school bus service after June 10, 2016.

Please click this story for more information.

Hemos recibido una directiva de Alianza Home Office y Howard Lappin, nuestro Jefe de Escuelas, que nosotros ya no estaremos ofreciendo servicio de autobús después del 10 de junio del 2016. Una vez más, nosotros no estaremos ofreciendo servicio de autobús después del 10 de junio del 2016.

Por favor, haga clic en esta historia para más información.
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Absence and Doctor's Note Update

Students who are absent due to illness will be expected to bring a certified Doctors note with the specific dates of absence. We will not be accepting another form of excuse.

Please Click this story for more information.

Los estudiantes que están ausentes deberán traer una nota del médico certificada. No se aceptara otra forma de excusa. Recuerde que es muy importante para su hijo o hija asistir a la escuela a tiempo y diaria mente.

Por favor, haga clic en esta historia para más información.
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Neuwirth's Charter gets Renewed!

We are pleased to announce that the LAUSD school board, acting on the recommendation of the LAUSD committee, has renewed our charter for the next five years. We look forward to continuing to serve the community in every capacity and expanding our outreach to meet more of your needs! We thank everyone who showed their support through this process. In the next five years, our goal is to be ranked in the top 1% of all schools and to be one of the top 100 schools in the United States. This will be accomplished with increased communication, accountability, hard work, pro-activeness and persistence while problem solving as a family to help each other out to compete competitively after high school.
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UCLA Buddy Day

The concept behind buddy day is that our High school students got to pair up with college students and see what "A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A BRUIN " is like.
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