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New cell phone policy for the 2017-2018 school year

Dear Parents/ Guardians,

With the breathtaking pace of technology comes unanticipated consequences that can negatively
impact the learning environment. One such example of this is the potential inappropriate use of
cell phones, which can effect instruction and include:

1. Cheating on tests/class work via text messaging and cameras;
2. Circulation of inappropriate material and/or bullying on social media
3. Video game distractions;
4. Ringing/text messaging distractions during instructional time;
5. Signaling for leaving class/ditching;
6. Loss of instructional time to address cell phone interruptions;

To address these issues, the Alliance Neuwirth Leadership Academy is reminding
parents/guardians of the following guidelines:

1. Phones must be turned off and remain off during the instructional day and passing
periods. Phones left on vibrate/silent modes are subject to seizure.
2. Cellular phones should be stored in a non-visible location (backpacks or purses).
3. Phones confiscated in violation of these guidelines will only be returned to a
parent/guardian during non-instructional hours.
4. Cellular phones must remain off during a school evacuation, lockdown, or drill.
5. During these situations tell your child NOT to try to contact you until given the okay by
school staff, thus allowing emergency communication channels to remain open.

Please be reminded that each school has intercoms and loudspeakers. Additionally,
administrators and safety personnel are prepared with two-way radios and cell phones.
We understand the reliance upon cell phones and other electronic devices to maintain the lines of
communication. However, we have an ethical and legal responsibility to ensure that technology
is used in a way that won’t undermine instruction, be harmful to others, or create unsafe
conditions. We seek your support and ask you to please speak with your children so they fully
understand the importance of these guidelines. We will continue to review safety guidelines,
please be aware that if safety issues continue we will have to ban cell phones from campus.

Thank you.