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Distance Learning 2020 » Attendance Form

Attendance Form

To accommodate for the unusual circumstances of Distance Learning at Neuwirth, we have modified how Attendance each day will be accounted for. Each day, all students are required to fill out the APPNLA Check-In & Attendance Tracker that can be accessed via their Google Classroom. The link is under their Grade Level Advisory class. This should be completed each school day by 9AM.
If students DO NOT complete the tracker by 9AM, they or their families should expect a phone call and message from a Neuwirth staff member to check in. If contact is able to be made, and the child and family are in good condition and able to access their learning for the day, they will be marked as present. All students are expected to fill out the tracker on their own by the end of each day, regardless.
A link to the APPNLA Check-In & Attendance Tracker is provided here as well, for your convenience.