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Distance Learning 2020 » Student Schedule

Student Schedule

As we adjust to an online, Distance Learning model for the remainder of the year, all students' schedules have changed in each grade level. Across Alliance, we have moved towards an "asynchronous" mode of learning. This means that while there are set times for English and Math lessons to occur, if a student is unable to hop online at that exact time, they will still be able to access the same content at a later time. They do not have to be in "sync" live with the teacher. All videos, lessons, materials and instruction will be accessible through Google Classroom or EdModo unless otherwise directed by the teacher.
Scholar week-to-week schedules can be found below. While the core class instruction and assignment times can be flexible, Office Hours is only offered on a live, in-person basis. Prioritizing the ability to make it to Office Hours on a consistent basis has the capacity to increase each students' capacity to succeed immensely.