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Model Practices & Programs » Boxer Boot Camp

Boxer Boot Camp

We offer our scholars a number of optional opportunities to continue their learning after school and on Saturdays during Boxer Boot Camps.  Boxer Boot Camps further support our scholars in their Advanced Placement (AP) classes, with CAASPP exam preparation, and support our English Language Learners in preparation for the ELPAC exam.  While Boxer Boot Camps are optional, scholars learn the value of seeking out additional support and look to our upperclassmen who find themselves at almost every session. Teachers open their classrooms on the weekend for 4-5 hours on Saturday mornings, and they plan lessons as they would for a typical day of instruction. Scholars get the most from additional learning time and have time for individual support if needed. Attendance varies depending on the level of support needed or desired, and our scholars learn to self-advocate. Over the years, regardless of the “optional” status, more and more scholars are attending these sessions, and at times ask for additional sessions to better prepare themselves for major exams.  As a result, pass rates for AP exams and ELPAC have increased, and CAASPP scores are among the highest in the district.

Boxer Boot Camps – Implementation and Monitoring
Depending on the academic program goals, scholars are offered opportunities for additional support, new learning and content review. These sessions are typically held on Saturdays but in some cases, they are offered after school. On a voluntary basis, scholars come to school to receive supplemental instruction, review opportunities, test preparation, and support. These sessions are advertised and implemented differently depending on teacher and desired outcomes, with the shared expectation that all scholars independently choose to seek the help they need and advocate for their own progress and growth. As the program has developed, much of the monitoring is done by scholars themselves thought teachers will incentives scholar participation with class competitions and snacks. They hold each other accountable to their growth goals around statewide math and English assessments, AP tests, English Language Reclassification Assessments, and other college ready measures. The phrase “boot camp” has become part of the APPNLA scholar vocabulary.