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Neuwirth Bike Club (NBC)

We have many students at Neuwirth who bike to school on a daily basis, and some of these students saw a need for their group to have a club to gather, talk and learn about more about biking. As part of the club, they will learn about bike maintenance, tips and tricks, and take casual group rides together to promote a healthy lifestyle, enjoy camaraderie, and explore Los Angeles in a way they have not done before.

At Neuwirth, we strive to promote learning and engaging about the topics we discuss academically and socially not just in the classroom, but in the community as well. The bike club is a great way to see and engage our community in a way many people do not experience when confined to their homes, or in a car, as many in Los Angeles do.

This club is led and supervised by Mr. Anthony Casado, the Technology Support staff at school. Mr. Casado is an experienced cyclist, who commutes regularly to the school each week by bike himself, and has participated in rides as long as 100km. The club will always take the safest and most secure routes by bike, primarily sticking to dedicated bike lanes and bike paths. The club will follow all traffic rules and regulations of the city of Los Angeles when taking into consideration the safety and security of students. ALL of the following safety precautions must be adhered to by ALL PARTICIPANTS at ALL TIMES. Failure to follow the rules of the road, directions or negative behavior will result in the loss of privilege to participate in the next ride.

  1. All participants must have their own bike in good operating condition.
  2. All participants must wear a helmet AT ALL TIMES while moving on the bike.
  3. All participants must have completed the Alliance Field Trip Form and Neuwirth Code of Conduct.
  4. All participants must have a valid ID (student ID, CA ID, etc.)
  5. The following items are RECOMMENDED to bring on the trip:
    1. Front and/or rear bike lights for increased visibility
    2. Water bottle for hydration
    3. Bike lock/chain
    4. A light snack or small amount of change/money to purchase food.
    5. Extra inner tube in the event of a flat/basic set of allen keys for basic adjustment/repair
      (we will often be biking by local bike shops who can assist in the event of an emergency as well)

Mr. Casado will always have on hand tools to repair a flat tire, basic first aid kit, a charged phone, and emergency contact of all students participating in the ride.

Staff Supervisor:
Mr. Anthony Casado
Technology Support